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USA, one of the most influential destinations in the world, offers an array of reasons for everyone to live a dream life. It is blessed with a number of picturesque locations that attract a horde of people from various places to relocate. One can easily lead a laid-back life in any of the corners of the country. The crazy lifestyle is enviable without any doubt. One great reason to migrate to this country is the standards of living it possesses, apart from the educational and professional opportunities.

There are many reasons people find utmost peace while dwelling in the New World, the USA. There are some cities that offer a sheer opulence, and the rest caters to a pacific modus vivendi. Here is a list you should have a glimpse on before deciding where to travel with your US visa.

New York

Brooklyn bridge NY

Known for its opulent lifestyle, it is touted as the Economic Capital of the World. One can take a 2BHK room on a whopping rent of $1600. If that’s not enough, then having a lunch or dinner at any local restaurant will sure to hit your pocket hard from $15 to $75. A month’s groceries can easily come around to $250. A monthly public transportation pass will cost around $120, whereas if you think having a private car can help you in saving a few dollars, then you are wrong. You need to pay about $500 just for parking, fuel; insurance and rest cost are extra.

Washington DC

Washington DC

The US state is another luxurious destination. The city is dotted with many housing options at soothing locations Seattle-Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia and many more. Having a spacious home can charge from $2100 to $2700 monthly, excluding utility charges that cost $170. A normal home can be afforded at $1500 to $2000 with other utilities costing up to $100 monthly. A dinner at any local pub will cost somewhat $50. Use of public transportation will make you spend $160 at Washington.

San Francisco:

San Francisco

Known for its appealing climate, San Francisco is a wonderful choice for souls who are seeking utmost nirvana while traveling to this country. The Victorian architecture adds more charm to the city. People with a US tourist visa can stay in a budget-friendly hotel or hostel like Nob Hill Inn, Grant Plaza Hotel, San Francisco Fishermen’s Wharf Hostel or Sam Remo Hotel. Traveling in a local transport will cost you $2.25 for one way, whereas hiring a cab will cost you $1.70/km. A meal for two will be for $15.

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Chicago USA


The Windy City, Chicago marks its place in this list too for its amazing style of living. Staying at 1BHK apartment will lead to the monthly charges of $1000 to $1700, while for a big apartment, it may cost you $1900 to $3000. You can munch McMeal for $7, whereas a meal in a mid-range restaurant will range from $60 to $80 for two. Chicago Getaway Hostel, Hotel Chicago, Days Inn Chicago, are some of the budget-friendly accommodation options for tourist looking for an affordable stay in Chicago. One-way ticket for public transportation is for $2.25, the other option is hiring a car on rent or taxi.

Los Angeles:

LA, the popular city of the US, is one of the favorites among the globetrotters. An amalgamation of verdant environment and skyscrapers, it is home to the glamorous Hollywood. The Getty Centre, Universal Hollywood Studios, Griffith Park, Santa Monica Bay are some of the best places to hang out with your kith and kins. Staying at a fully furnished spacious apartment will make you pan an amount from $1800 to $2500, whereas $1200 to $1700 for a furnished studio. Hiring a personal car on rent is available for a monthly charge of $24000. If you plan for a dinner and a movie, then be ready to pay around $80 for a special date.

San Digeio

San Diego:

One of the best tourist destinations, San Diego receives a horde of travellers praising its alluring views. San Diego Safari Park, Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs National Park are few awesome places to roam around to enjoy laid-back moments. Sipping a beer at any local pub will cost $5 to $7. A three-course meal for two is for $60 at San Diego. The city is filled with a number of entertainment spots for young and old. Plan weekends at SeaWorld San Diego for $38, USS Midway Museum for $17 or Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones Culinary Walking Tour for $50.



Texas as popularly known, Austin is the second largest capital of the US known for its immense cultural and economic values. The monthly housing rent in this city varies from $966 to $1500 for 1 bedroom apartment. A meal in an expensive restaurant can cost you up to $12 for one. The city has a lot of places to hang out like Texas Memorial Museum, Hippie Hollow Park, Deep Eddy Pool and theaters for catching up new flicks on weekends. With the help of your travel agent, you can check-in into a hotel or hostel according to your budget and convenience.
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Being the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the metropolis offers best opportunity for business and job seekers. A 1 bed apartment can cost from $950 to $1500 depending on the location, posh and normal area, rent varies. Traveling within the city is affordable with cabs charging you $1.43 per km. A person owning his car can make it more economical with a Gasoline of just $0.63 per litre. Due to the great historical background, the city is home to grand monuments that are 100 years old. Places worth visiting are Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia Museum of Arts, Independence Hall and the First Bank of US.

People who want to settle here, needs to apply for USA visa first along with the reason of the visit like work or education, etc. Getting in touch with a proper agent can help in getting the US tourist visa for souls who want to explore the beauty of the Western Hemisphere, the USA.

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