10 Incredible American City Museums-The Breathtaking Amalgamation Of Styles

The United States is packed with impressive things to explore. People across the globe flock here to explore, experience, and enjoy numerous attractions. The shimmering skyline, high-end technology, vibrant streets, wide range of landscapes, and seamless things to do and see make it a perfect vacation spot for any enthusiast. Whether you plan on exploring nature or digging into history, you get everything to fill your list on the trip.

However, if you are a history buff, the US is full of amazing museums to discover. You will find every type of museum to commemorate various historical events or personalities, providing immersive knowledge in every aspect. There are numerous of them, and it can be quite overwhelming, so we have picked some of the best museum cities in the US for your ultimate exploration.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, the capital city of Charleston County, is one of the best cities for museums in the US, housing numerous museums for every history lover. Some of the top museums include:

  • The Gibbes Museum of Art exhibits American art, showing the history of Charleston and its artistic past.
  • The Museum at Market Hall houses exhibits of the top Civil War artefacts.
  • The Old Slave Mart Museum is the first African American slave museum.

New York City

The bustling cities of the US hold seamless attractions to explore; still, museums are one of the best things to do. The top museums in NYC include:

  • The American Museum of Natural History is renowned for its scientific collections and top-notch exhibitions.
  • The Museum of Modern Art is one of the largest and most influential modern art museums in the world.
  • 9/11 Memorial- A museum honoring the September 11 attacks of 2001

Washington DC

The capital of the nation holds some of the best museums in America, and some of the must-visit museums include:

  • Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of Natural History
  • The United States Holocaust Museum focuses on providing documentation, research, and study on Holocaust history.
  • The National Gallery of Art explores and experiences creativity, art, and shared humanity.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles houses many museums, making the city renowned for its performance art rivalry with other museum cities. Visit these Los Angeles museums:

  • The California Science Centre has over 100 permanent interactive science exhibits spread over several galleries.
  • Griffith Observatory is one of the premier film locations in the region and has appeared in hundreds of film and television productions.
  • The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is the largest natural and historical museum in the western US, with 35 million specimens and artefacts.


Chicago is a one of the famous cities in the US and has great museums to explore. The top museums in Chicago include:

  • The Field Museum of Natural History is one of the best dinosaur museums in the world.
  • The Museum of Science and Industry is the largest and most interactive science museum in the Western Hemisphere, inspiring the next generation of innovators.
  • The Chicago History Museum explores both Chicago and American history through the museum’s own collection of nearly 22 million holdings.

New Orleans

New Orleans is one such land that is soaked in culture and history, with several museums showcasing the richness of the region. The must-visit museums in New Orleans include:

  • Backstreet Cultural Museum: The collections here include artefacts relating to African American culture.
  • Mardi Gras World gives a tour of popular Mardi culture, including guided tours, costumes, etc.
  • The Ogden Museum of Southern Art exhibits every development from the beginning of photography to tonalism, impressionism, and more.


With so many excellent museums exhibiting artefacts that cover a diverse range of historical subjects, Philadelphia has some of the top art museums in the US. The museums include:

  • Rodin Museum: witness one of the greatest collections of work by Auguste Rodin in the Rodin Museum.
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art: The museum includes a collection of over 24,0000 objects of European, Asian, and American origin.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination, offering a taste of a vibrant lifestyle and culture. The museums here are not to be missed either, and some of them include:

  • The Walt Disney Family Museum showcases the history of Walt Disney, from its establishment to finding this world-famous entertainment.
  • The Exploratorium is a science museum housing 600 interactive exhibits where visitors can experiment and play.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The capital of the state, Sante Fe, is rich in history and culture. With all those ancient sites, you get to see the museums that display the legacy of the historical past.

  • The Wheelwright Museum is an American Indian museum showcasing artefacts of historic as well as contemporary Native American art.
  • The Museum of International Folk Art houses an art collection that reflects a wide range of diverse international folk art from around the world.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a top holiday destination in the US and also includes museums excellent for any history buff, including:

  • The Mob Museum features great insight into the criminal history of Sin City and the US.
    The Lost City Museum showcases informative knowledge about a native American village that was flooded by Lake Mead.
  • Museums are often overlooked and deemed boring, but a good museum can open your mind and give you a broad insight into the world. So, if you are planning on visiting museums in the US, make sure to add these to your list.

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