Beyond the Brochures: Explore Hawaii’s Hidden Paradise Islands and Gems

Hawaii is a pretty tropical paradise having powerful volcanoes, picture-perfect beaches, & lush, emerald-green forests. Perhaps it is the most tranquil location for those seeking to escape from the daily life stress. So, here are a handful of some favorite underrated places in Hawaii. Be sure to include these locations on your bucket list for Hawaii!

Must-See Hidden Gems of Hawaii

Interested to know about the best hidden gem attractions in Hawaii? Here you are:

Blue Room Cave

Though that adverb may really undersell their allure, the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands are alluring. You will be entranced by this water, but it is not in the ocean; rather, it is in a cave that is inland from the Ke’e Beach on the island’s north shore. Its informal name, Waikapalae Wet Cave, comes from the water’s magnificent blue color, which glistens when exposed to sunshine. When the level of the sea was greater than it is now, the rock was worn by the waves pounding on it, creating the cave. Narrow vines are trailing down the face of the cliff where the cave entrance is located. You must swim through the main cave to get to the Blue Room cave; it will be cold, but the effort will be worthwhile because of the stunning watercolors that will make you feel as though you have reached another universe.

Spitting Cave

Spitting Cave

Spitting is not something that most tourists would go out of their way to witness, but it is here in this natural wonder at the southeast coast of Oahu. When the tide turns and pressure inside the cave increases, water from sea rushes into the inlet and explodes out in a rapid motion. Even the spray which rides up cliffs here is wonderful to see (and feel), making it an amazing spectacle to witness. White-knuckle layers of the water rush back to the sea in which they originated as the spit moves violently, creating a stage of churning, boiling foam. However, this frothy swill is not the only intriguing thing you might see. If you are lucky, you will see daring cliff jumpers who are willing to plunge 70 feet into the turbulent waters despite the dangerous surf and currents. Unique to Hawaii! Your search for the best places for water sports in the USA will end here.

Harold Lyon Arboretum

harold lyon arboretum hawaii

Hawaii’s best and most underappreciated locations are sometimes right in front of us. Nearly 200 acres of the rainforest exploration may be found at the top of Manoa Valley at the Harold Lyon Arboretum. Visitors can enjoy tours of the rainforest or gardens where knowledgeable guides teach them more regarding the native plants & creatures of Hawaii. This facility also provides assorted classes for adults and kids alike, comprising yoga, hiking, & nature camps.

Kehena Black Sand Beach

Kehena Black Sand Beach

You should visit Kehena Black Sand Beach if sighting a spinner dolphin is on your bucket list. This spotless haven is well-known for dolphin sightings, earning it the moniker “Dolphin Beach.” Use caution when entering this beach because it is small and narrow and is situated at milepost 19 on route 137 in Puna. For the finest beach experience, you might want to return during an off-peak period if it is crowded.

Kalihiwai Bay

Kalihiwai Bay Hawaii

The tranquilly of Kalihiwai Bay, especially at low tide, makes it one of Hawaii’s best and most overlooked locations. When the climate changes in the winter, this location turns into a preferred of surfers owing to the enormous waves. The visitors may park in plentiful places in this beach sans going down on the sand. In the summer, Kalihiwai Bay is the ideal location for a wonderful beach day, picnic/hangout because of the calm sea and abundant natural facilities. Due to these circumstances, it is the perfect beach location for friends’ outings with young families. Skip the crowds and visit Hawaii’s most underappreciated locations for breathtaking scenery, warm beaches, daring hikes, and much more. This is amid the favorite hidden gems in Hawaii.


Visitors can anticipate finding a broad variety of handcrafted arts and commodities because the island is well recognized for the coffee culture & are situated in the Kona Coffee Belt. The most well-known music festival is the Music & Light Festive, which takes place in December. Holaloa has the perfect mix of sandy & grassy beaches and is completely covered in flora.

Volcano Village

Volcano Village is a small community on Big Hawaiian Island. This country deviates from stereotypes and takes advantage of its luscious surroundings and colorful lava flows, which can be viewed at two of the world’s most active volcanoes. Kilauea Overlook’s top is a must-visit, & Volcano Village is an ideal location to unwind and take in the view. The majority of the footpaths and trails in the Kahili Ginger that takes up the most of Volcano Village’s rainforest, are made of dirt.

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest Hawaii

The breathtaking Maui Bamboo Forest, which is like a scene from a fantasy land, is located along the picturesque Pipiwai Trail in the Haleakala National Park. Many guests choose not to make the mile-long trip needed to get there. However, those who put forth the effort will be rewarded with stunning scenes. The trees are packed closely together, creating lots of shelter and mood as the sun glints all through the tall stalks. The forest extends for almost half a mile and the bamboo sways softly in the breeze. Insects clack and buzz, and birds chirp everywhere. Along the way to the scenic woodland, there are also many beautiful attractions, such as a breathtaking waterfall.

Bottom Line
Hawaii is most known for being a relaxing vacation spot; tourists from all over the world flock there to enjoy the white sandy beaches, go snorkeling with sea turtles, and indulge in traditional luaus. However, these undiscovered gems of Hawaii provide incredible hiking, cycling, spelunking, & more if you are seeking for a little more excitement. Put the Pina Colada down and leave the resort to explore these stunning natural sites. It is a true joy to discover these underrated islands of Hawaii.

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