List of US Public Holidays in 2022

The New Year brings with it a lot of excitement and joy. People all over the world look forward to brand new challenges and experiences in the New Year. Just like many people plan their work and personal lives in the beginning of the New Year, there are many who like to plan their holidays and short breaks as soon as possible. This is why knowing about public holidays becomes important. By knowing about the public holidays, people can plan their holidays by combining the public holidays along with weekends and other leaves. If you are working in the United States of America.

Below is the list of US public holidays in 2022 that you can enjoy.

1.New Year’s Day: January 01′ 2022

new year

The first day of the New Year is a federal holiday in the US. There are not many activities planned on this day, as the 1st of January is usually a day of rest after all the activities, events and parties of New Year’s Eve. 31st December is celebrated through the USA with parties, fireworks, gala dinners and amazing television programs. The midnight countdown is one of the most common ways of welcoming the New Year, and the most popular countdown happens at Times Square in New York. After partying all night, the citizens of USA generally have a quiet time on New Year’s Day. Get-togethers and lunch with families are quite common too.

2.Martin Luther King Day: January 17′ 2022

The third Monday of every January is celebrated as Martin Luther King Day in the USA. It fell on 17th January in 2022. This day is celebrated in the remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr., who is an influential American civil rights leader.  He was an activist who struggled hard against racism and racial segregation in public transportation in the US. In some parts of the country, it is celebrated as Civil Rights Day and Human Rights Day as well. Many US citizens offer their volunteering services to citizen action groups on this day. While it is a holiday for most offices and educational institutions, several schools remain open to teach their children the life and works of Marin Luther King Jr.

3.Presidents’ Day: February 21′ 2022

The President’s Day is held on the third Monday of February, and it falls on February 21 in the year 2022. It is officially also called Washington’s Birthday, the first President of the USA and also the father of the nation, although Washington’s birthday falls on February 22. Apart from George Washington, the President’s Day commemorates all the previous Presidents of the USA. On this day, you would get to enjoy parades and community celebrations throughout the country. Several stores also hold special sales on this day. Soldiers injured during the line of duty are awarded the Purple Heart Military Badge on this day.

4.Memorial Day: May 30′ 2022


Memorial Day is held on the last Monday of May, and in 2022, it falls on May 30. As the name suggests, Memorial Day is held in the honor of men and women who lost their lives during the service of the nation. Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day commemorates the lives of the brave soldiers serving the US military. The US flag is kept at half-staff from dawn till noon on this day. Apart from this, volunteers visit national cemeteries and memorials and place an American flag on each grave. Officially, Memorial Day is also marked as the beginning of summer season in the USA.

5.Independence Day: July 4 and July 5′ 2022

independece day

Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays that happen in the USA. It marks the day (July 4) when the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was signed in the year 1776. As July 4 falls on Monday in 2022, people in the USA would enjoy a public holiday on July 5 (Tuesday). July Fourth or Fourth of July is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. Parades, speeches, parties, gatherings, food eating competitions, sports events, fireworks along with patriotic music, etc. are some of the ways in which Americans celebrate Independence Day. Many people combine the July Fourth public holiday with their leaves and go for their annual vacation during this time of the year.

6.Labor Day: September 5′ 2022

Unlike most countries in the world, USA does not celebrate Labor Day on May 1 but on the first Monday of September. The day honors the work, achievements, contributions and sacrifices of the working class. Public events like picnics, barbecues and fireworks display are held all over the country. Apart from this, Labor Day is also considered as the end of summer and beginning of winter. Several people plan holidays during the Labor Day weekend, while students organize parties before the new academic year starts.

7.Columbus Day: October 10′ 2022

Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October, and in 2022, it falls on 10 October 2022. Columbus Day venerates the day when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. On this day, you would find special church services, large events and parades at several parts of the country. However, not all states of the USA consider it as a public holiday. Moreover, Columbus Day is considered controversial in some areas, as the arrival of European settlement brought in the deaths of several indigenous people as well as their cultures. Still, some states of the country celebrate Columbus Day in special and unique ways.

8.Veterans Day: November 11′ 2022

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 every year and commemorates the day when the Signing of the Armistice took place in 1918. Signing of the Armistice was done at the end of World War I between the Allied Nations and Germany. This day is held in the honor of military personnel, especially the living veterans, who fought the war. On this day, you would be able to see special parades and church services in several parts of the country. The American flag is hung half mast, while two minutes of silence are held at 11 AM, for the lives that were lost during the war. Although it is a public holiday and most schools remain closed on this day, some keep it open to celebrate the occasion with special activities and assemblies.

9.Thanksgiving Day: November 24′ 2022

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving or Black Friday is one of the most popular festivals in the USA. While some consider it as a first harvest celebration, for others it is a family day, on which they thank the universe for all their blessings. One of the main ways of celebrating this festival is Thanksgiving dinner. Family members come together on this day to share and enjoy a delicious feast made of roast turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables, gravy and pumpkin pie. Some of the cities and towns also host parades during the Thanksgiving weekend. This is also a great time to indulge in shopping as many stores host Black Friday Sale, with amazing deals and discounts on everything.

10.Christmas Day: December 25′ 2022


Christmas celebrated the birth of Lord Jesus all over the world. In the USA, celebrations and decorations begin weeks before the actual event. People decorate their homes with Christmas trees and lights. On Christmas Day, people in the USA usually visit their family and friends and enjoy a scrumptious meal together. Gift exchanging is also an important Christmas tradition in the US. Everyone, especially children, enjoy being showered by gifts, particularly from the mythical Santa Claus. Churches, Sunday schools and communities also organize special events on this day. Some people also volunteer for charitable projects for the needy on Christmas Day.

The US citizens would be able to enjoy 10 public or federal holidays in 2022. As many of them happen to be on Friday or Monday, people get to enjoy a long weekend. If you want to take part in the festivities that happen during these public holidays, all you have to do is get your US visa and plan a fabulous holiday in this amazing country.

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