Best Shopping Destinations in the USA

The US is one of the hot retail hotspots in the world with an amazing diversity, quality, and accessibility being the key elements for the same. From high-end, multi-level departmental stores to street side path thrift stores, the US has everything you would require to fulfill your shopping needs and requirements. Given the incredible variety and quality available, you will truly enjoy the overall experience of USA Shopping. There is an array of shopping centers in the USA which meets the budget of all travelers and locals. Although, we will never be able to cover all the places to cover for shopping in the US in one article.

Shop to your heart’s content at these fantastic shopping destinations in the USA.

New York City

New York City, Shopping

The New York City is a constantly evolving city, but still, carries the charm of a small-town. The frenetic sights. You would always get to experience a vibrant culture which is the highlight of the city’s neighborhoods. Some of the hot tourists’ spots include the Midtown Manhattan, the Times Square, The Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Unisphere in Queens, and the Headquarters of the United Nations. The East Village and Brooklyn are home to several indie boutiques, cool coffee shops, and iconic bakeries. As you move towards the Fifth Avenue, you would come across an amazing art collection at the MoMA and the Met.

Do check out the spectacular show on Broadway. Grab a quick bite from the popular ‘it’ restaurant to quench your hunger during your trip. One of the main highlights of the city is the Times Square’s neon lights flickering all through the day and night. The city is itself a past-faced city in itself. Some of the other popular spots are the marque galleries and amazing cocktail bars. The flickering lights and the busy corners of every street will surely attract you every minute, and you would be literally forced to explore and create your own urban adventure. The CityStore is a perfect place to purchase some themed gifts & accessories. Also, check out the Housing Works Thrift shops to check out the awesome collection of Thrifts. In fact, several people apply for a US visa only to explore the iconic shopping places in New York.

San Francisco

Shopping in San Francisco

Vibrant neighborhoods and beautiful views define the city of San Francisco. A perfect paradise for free-birds or the ones who have a taste for adventure, and a taste for innovative cuisines. You will be definitely spoilt for choices as there are plenty of activities to indulge in. The city itself is home to mind-blowing sights, delicious & diverse cuisine, cool cafes, and booming nightlife spots to party. You would be left wandering of the things to do in San Francisco, considering the options available at your table.

Admire the lazy sea lions who share the beaches with humans with a picturesque background and spectacular view of the entire city from the Twin Peaks as you stroll along the Marina. Some of the popular things to shop here are mementos and souvenirs of the defining culture of San Francisco. Apart from that, you can shop till you drop at the various malls in the city. Other popular attractions include the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and the Fisherman’s Wharf, Mission District, The Castro, The Haight, and much more. The list just goes on as each place would give you different varieties of the lifestyle evident in San Francisco.

Los Angeles

Shopping in Los Angeles

There are several stereotypes of Los Angeles in the minds of tourists and visitors. An ever-growing metropolis surrounded by congested freeways, San Francisco is home to the most diverse and unique population in the US. There is an array of art galleries, with the most popular one being Los Angeles County Museum of Art and architectural marvels like the Getty Center. We recommend you to plan your trip well and select a few places to explore as you will not be able to cover all the spectacular tourist spots in one go.

The beaches are home to several small shops where you can find an awesome collection of beads & shell necklaces, rings, and bracelets. With an array of world-class malls in town, you will find it hard to visit one as every mall and shopping center in LA offers a unique experience of its own. One of the popular malls in LA is the Grove. The Olde Good Things store is home to several antique & vintage items. Apart from that, the Grand Central Market is one of the popular spots to catch some delicious American & other international cuisines.


Chicago Shopping Center

Chicago has outgrown various prophecies faster than any tourists or visitor can imagine. It is literally impossible to keep pace with the developments around. In the early years, it was popularly known as the city of Industry, Chicago today is the 3rd largest city in the US. Chicago is home to a diverse, budding art scene, endless world-class shopping centers and abundant eateries in addition to an array of skyscrapers. Chicago is your answer to where and what to buy in the US. You can go on a cruise along the Chicago Architecture River or take a stroll enjoying the fresh green environment at the Millennium Park. To get a breathtaking view of the city skyline, head to Wills Tower’s Sky deck or the 360 Chicago Observation deck at the John Hancock Center.

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You can also get endless souvenirs and gifts to buy for your loved ones after enjoying spectacular views, you can visit the antique museums to enjoy a thriving sports culture. A deep-dish pizza would add the perfect dish to tantalize your taste buds post the hectic exploration. Some of the must-visit places for shopping include the Water Tower Place and the Shops at North Bridge. Apart from that, do explore some delicious chocolates at the Ghirardelli Chocolate store on the Michigan Avenue.

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