How Much Does It Cost To Travel In The USA?

US Travel on Budget

There is so much to explore in this great country. Traveling to this beautiful and majestic country is always a spectacular experience for all kinds of travelers and visitors from across the globe. The US offers great diversity in both its culture and landscape and exploring the same is always fun and exciting. But traveling to the US can hamper your budget immensely. A well planned and researched trip can give you a wonderful experience as you indulge in US travel on budget.

Traveling the US on a fixed budget is very much possible. We have listed some of the parameters which you can take note that will act as a US travel guide and give you a wonderful experience of this beautiful country. Focus on cutting down on unnecessary expenses and spend on things which offer more value. Also book your flight tickets and get your US visa well in advance to avoid any last minute worry.

Find out how you can plan an unforgettable US travel on budget.

Accommodation in the US

Accommodation in the US


Booking a roadside motel or hotel can save a lot of your budget. There are plenty of hotels and motels available in the US which make up for the lack of hostel facilities in the world. You can get rooms for as cheap as $40-60 per night, although prices may vary depending on the festive season and the city you are in. Discounted sites like Airbnb offer cheap and affordable alternatives to the cheap hotels in the US. You can get cheap accommodations at $30-40 per night.

Lack of hostel facilities has given rise to couch surfing in the US. There are several hosts across the country who would love to show off their city and give you a reasonable budget US accommodation.

The National parks in the US offer great opportunities for camping on a low budget provided you have the required gear. The campsites charge around $15-30 per night on an average.


US food is one of the cheapest things available. Choose among affordable fast food and cheap sandwich counters. The meals are priced at $5-6 per meal. In the mid-range restaurants, a meal would cost you around $10-15 per meal. The prices are on the rise as you move to bigger and coastal cities.

The US offers one of the cheapest options among all the developed countries. Cooking can be fun and healthy and save a lot of money. You can purchase groceries for around $50-70 per week.

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The US is a vast country and traveling around the US can be a bit difficult. Use budget airlines such as JetBlue and Southwest airlines to get discounted rates. Renting a car is one of the options if you traveling in a group where you can share the rent and gas costs. An American road trip is a fun way to experience the wonderful landscape across the country. The US is equipped with modern train and bus services like Megabus, Greyhound, and BoltBus which are connected and linked to various parts of the country. Bus fares are as charged as low as $1.

Sightseeing and budget activities

National Park Pass:

Zion National Park, USA
Zion National Park

Get a national pass for $80 and enjoy free entry to all the 59 national parks across the country. Enjoy the lush green atmosphere as you chill out and enjoy a wonderful time in these parks. These parks highlight the great diversity in the landscape in the US. The western part of the US offers greater options. Some of the popular parks include are Yellowstone, Redwood National Park, Grand Tetons, Yosemite, and Zion.

City Tourist Cards:

Enjoy the major attractions in the US with a city tourist card which is priced at a low price of $30-40. Get free access to the museums and get discounted offers in several restaurants.

Visit the ancient museums and events:

Museums in USA

Many museums offer free entry or discounted admission at certain times of the week.

Important points to note:

  • Travel via regional buses: We recommend you to travel to other regions of the US by bus. It is a cost-effective way to traveling within the US. The costs are as low as $1. The best companies for using the bus services are Megabus and Bolt Bus.
  • Use your hotel reward points: Sign-up for a hotel credit card and redeem the reward points during your stay. These points can be helpful when you are planning to book for a luxurious accommodation in the hotels in one of the big cities in the US.
  • Free refill of water: Many restaurants offer free drinking or refill of water at a low cost or for free.

Share rides: Sharing rides while you travel inside the US. Sharing gas and trip costs can be helpful in controlling your budget.

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