Some common reasons for visa to the USA be denied

Clearing all the official procedures for securing a US visa is not easy. No matter how keenly you have followed them, your dream of visiting the United States of America may suffer a setback if the consular officer finds you ineligible. The officer will test your suitability for the applied visa in accordance with the U.S. Immigration Law. If your application is lacking something or found violating the set rules, visa will be denied. You will be termed as “ineligible” for the applied visa as per the US Immigration Laws. Therefore, while applying, it is wiser to familiarize oneself with the reasons for US visa rejection.  Since there are many reasons to reject a US visa, let’s have a look at the most common situations for visa denial, refusal, or rejection.

Reasons for US Visa Rejection

Rejection due to unclear intention of a visit

All non-immigrants applying for a visa for whatsoever purpose have to declare their intention of visit to the U.S. It is the responsibility of the traveler to apply for the specific visa and abide by it during the stay. In no way, can they use a visitor visa for employment purpose or vice versa which is why the U.S. Immigration Law has segregated visa under different categories and made compulsory to clarify the intention of a visit for all visa types. Applicants need to produce enough proof by which the consular officer can  be convinced.  Let’s say, you are applying for a B2 visa, which is issued for tourism, visit, and medical purpose, to prove you will stick to the visa rules, the US Embassy will need the following evidence:

  • The reason of travel for pleasure or medical treatment
  • Your intention to stay in the U.S. only for the authorized period
  • Documents to prove that you can meet the expenses on your own. If you are on a sponsorship, then details of the person or agency sponsoring the trip. The reason the consular officer demands evidence of sufficient funds is to ensure that you do not start working in the U.S. or resort to earning money the fraud way once you have run out of money.
  • Strong ties with your home country such as a job, house, apartment, property, and a family

Along with these evidences, carry plane tickets, including return tickets, and details of your itinerary plans, bank statement, and employment proof as well when attending the visa interview. Lacking in any one of these documents will result in rejection of your visitor visa.

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Visa rejection because of false information

Hiding your past and providing false information will result in the rejection of your US visa application. The U.S. government does not entertain people who lie about their personal information, hide about their past crime or convictions and fail to state or reveal visa refusals in the past.  Submitting false information on the visa application may not only lead to denial of visa, but also call for legal action against you. There is no point in hiding about your past because the US Embassy can find out everything about you. So better be honest and reveal every minor and major thing that can cause hindrance in securing the visa.

Visa rejection due to past immigration violations

Though the US Immigration Law has made a provision of extending a visa, there are many who overstay and violate the rule. If you have done the same in the past, the consular officer will think carefully whether to issue the visa or not as he will see you in the same frame of violators. There is even a probability of you being  barred from entering into U.S. for three to ten years, depending on the number of days and months you stayed illegally in the U.S. You will also face a tough time to convince him that you won’t violate the visa rule now and have learned a good lesson from your mistake.

Visa refusal due to other reasons

The U.S. government will never allow foreign nationals to enter their country if they find the immigrant may pose a serious threat to physical and mental health of their citizens. Applicants who are afflicted with a contagious disease such as tuberculosis will face rejection. The medical list on which a visa can be denied is quite lengthy, but the authorities have removed HIV from it. Visa is also refused to people who are addicted to drugs and are involved in drugs peddling. If he or she is  has been deported from the U.S. in the past, or is caught at the airport with drugs, visa refusal is sure for such people.

From past criminal activities, history of drug abuse, to deportation, violations of immigration rules, and submission of false information on the US visa application, a visa can be rejected, refused, or denied on many grounds.  When the applicant is found ineligible. the chance of securing a visa is nil. However, the Immigration and Nationality Act has the Waivers of ineligibility clause to reapply for a visa. Whether you are applying for the first time or re-applying, let a professional visa consultant in Dubai handle the responsibilities on your behalf.


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