First-Time Traveling Guide to USA from UAE 2024

Are you excited about your first USA trip from the UAE? We understand that first-time travel to the USA from the UAE is always exciting and adventurous. But paperwork and planning can be time consuming. The traveller needs to go through many documentation processes, which is annoying.

From the visa process and ticket booking and to choosing the destination, there are so many things to consider. Travel-junkies always feel on the seventh sky when deciding on a trip. Hence, it would be best to plan your trip properly to avoid last-minute hurdles. We are sharing here some useful tips for first-time travellers. So let’s read on, follow the tips and have a wonderful experience of life.

Get USA Tourist Visa

The foremost thing you need to travel to the United States is a US Tourist Visa. For a visa, you can apply online on the official website. But, first, choose the type of visa you want to apply for. For example, suppose you want to travel to the USA for business purposes, then apply for a business visa.

However, if you want to travel for tourist purposes, apply for a tourist USA Visa. Once you choose the desired visa type, complete the DS-160 form. This is a non-immigrant electronic visa application form that Emiratis have to fill out.

Pay visa processing fees online and schedule your appointment. The first appointment is for the biometric test. The second appointment is for a US embassy appointment for a visa interview. Carry all your essential documents with you when you are going to appointments.

You may also need to have a printed copy of all documents, confirmation of DS-160-page, passport, appointment letter, and other essential documents. In addition, you may need to show your fund’s record, so you must carry funds proof with you.

The whole process may take up to 60 days, so have patience.

Carry Documents

Carry Documents

When your US visa from Dubai gets approved and you are about to leave for the airport, ensure to carry the necessary documents. Keep your passport with you at the airport. This becomes your identification and is easily accepted as a personal identity in the USA. However, remember that a passport must have at least six months’ validity to stay in the USA.

The immigration checkpoint at the airport and other places may ask you for proof. So, along with your passport, carry your air ticket and other essential papers with you. This helps ease the entire processing of checkpoints and lets you fly without any hassles.

Pack Your Bags Smartly

Pack Your Bags Smartly

We understand that you are excited about your first trip to the USA from the UAE. But, unfortunately, in excitement, people pack a lot of stuff that they don’t even need. As a result, your bag-packs get overloaded, and you have to leave certain things at the airport.

So, try to pack your bags more smartly. Suppose you are traveling to the USA for a week, make a checklist of things you need the most. Keeping a few sleepers or a pair of sneakers is enough to travel.

Carry sunscreen, essential clothes, and medicines if required. Mark all the essential items you can carry in your handbags, such as documents and medicines.

It is best to carry jackets or sweaters in your handbag. It would not only decrease the weight of your baggage but also help you to cover yourself when you feel cold in the flight or at the airport. However, keep your backpacks simple and light to have an easy travel experience. Overloading bags may charge you extra, so be aware of the fact.

Keep an Eye on Weather

Keep an Eye on Weather

The UAE has a hot climate, but climate conditions may vary from place to place in the USA. For example, if you are visiting Texas during June, you may experience hot weather. At the same time, in Chicago, you may have springy weather. The best time to travel to New York is between September and November even though it is a year round destination.

In other locations, you may experience chills. So, before you travel, check the weather forecast of the USA and pack your things according to the weather conditions.

Use Local Transport

Use Local Transport

Once you land in the United States, always use the local travel transport and be like a local traveller. The USA is a vast country, and the best way to explore different corners is by using local transport. While this may be a challenging task, the local transport system helps you connect with every corner. Moreover, it would be cheaper than hiring cabs all the time. You can also purchase a travel Smart Card that allows you to access Metro bus and metro easily. If you are not comfortable with public transportation, then hire a cab. While cities like New York and Los Angeles are not the cheapest US cities to live in, commuting by local transport will save you quite a few bucks. 

Check Sightseeing in the USA

The US has a lot of sightseeing and places to explore. We understand that taking a tour of all the destinations is not easy. So, do ensure to find out the best sightseeing and create a checklist. Don’t forget to create a checklist of the best foodie destinations too. Explore as much as you can and have a memorable experience.


Here you go! We hope you enjoyed reading about the useful tips for first-time travelers to the USA from the UAE. In addition to the above-mentioned tips, keep yourself calm and stay polite. Also, be punctual and a thank-giving person. This way, you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest and go through the entire process easier.

You may need to show your documents several times, so always be ready with your documents and enjoy your trip. Staying informed about the new immigration rules in USA is crucial for UAE travellers planning their first visit in 2024.

Last but not least, always keep your essential documents in a safe place. You may need to show your documents several times, so always be ready with your documents and enjoy your trip.

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