Ideas For An Incredible American Road Trip

America, one of the popular tourist places in the world, is known as the land of opportunities, Western Hemisphere and the New World. Dotted with many surprises, this destination has gained popularity for its amazing hospitality and picturesque spots. People who are road trip planners can easily plan for a road trip, as the country has a lot to offer from lush foliage to wild roads. The Americans are known for their USA road trip, and even today the love for traveling via road is their favorite pastime. Filled with rich vistas, rugged cliffs and alluring water fronts, venturing out should be first on your bucket list.

Here are some of the best routes one should add while planning their USA road trip:

San Francisco

1. San Francisco:

One of the best spots in America, San Francisco has been a favorite stop for many and a great excuse to apply for a US visa. Located near the Pacific Coast Highway, one can plan to start their USA road trip. The Golden Gate Park is the cynosure of San Francisco. Driving from the giant bridge will make you feel as if you are in heaven. While being here, one should definitely visit Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf. For a break while traveling, cafes are the best terminus to relax and enjoy a sip of coffee in the morning, while a lazy walk on Lombard Street in the evening works like a charm

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Highway One

2. Highway 1:

Highway 1 is known for its blind curvaceous roads. To visit Big Sur, one should drive from the world’s most photographed bridge, Bixby Bridge. The 714 feet long and 280 feet high Bridge is one of the tallest single span concrete bridges offering ace view of the mountains and the beach. It is undoubtedly worth waiting for a moment spot while driving to Big Sur. Pfeiffer Beach, McWay Falls, Ragged Point, etc. are some of the famous spots here.

Overseas Florida

3. Overseas Florida:

How about traveling beside a long seashore? Isn’t it alluring? Starting from Florida mainland, this journey ends in Key West. Fenced with water, it is more popular for the chase scene from the movie ‘True Lies’. The mesmerizing views of the mountains on one side and the quiet seven seas on the other side are surely balm for sore eyes. It should definitely satisfy your thrust for a calm and serene road trip in the USA.

Route 12, Utah
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4. Route 12, Utah:

Blessed with stunning vistas, it is one of the striking routes one should travel. Caressed with lush foliage, the 124miles route starts from Capitol Ref National Park and passes through outstanding locations before ending at Bryce Canyon National Park. Driving on a road with 9000 feet altitude will add thrilling experience to your trip. A growing retirement town, St. George, a few miles away from here is worth visiting. Hells Backbone Grill is recommended to enjoy scrumptious meals.

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5. Texas Hill Country:

Scenic in its own way, Texas Hill Country has many surprises stored for young and old. The hilly road is no less than adventure. It is dotted with a horde of tiny towns that has something great to showcase. The crisscrossed route meets highways and farm roads in between with magnificent views. One can stop at Enchanted Rock, located near Fredericksburg, it is one of the best trekking places for climbers.

6. Columbia River Highway

6. Columbia River Highway:

Another curvaceous route for a road trip planner to experience the thrill at its best. It is well known for the camp set up by Lewis and Clark, who left behind marks of their activities. This 70 mile drive begins from Portland further connecting Oregon and Columbia George. It is said that, the road is one of its kind as it does not actually link to any particular place, but is constructed for sheer leisure and enjoy the luring beauty fenced by the route.

Olympic Peninsula Loop

7. Olympic Peninsula Loop:

Located in Washington State, the route has dramatic settings one would fall in love with. Driving from here gives appealing views of the lush foliage, turquoise beaches, snow-capped hills, and many more. The fascinating background makes it one of the picturesque destinations with a fairy tale like settings. Delicious fresh clams and oysters are found here, one more good reason to stop at Olympic Peninsula Loop. Sol Duc Hot Spring Resorts, home to a natural mineral spring, is worth going spot for spending some quality time.

Blue Ridge Parkway

8. Blue Ridge Parkway:

A perfect route that takes you to a dreamland. While driving on this route, you will discover nature at is best beyond any doubt. A route to fall in love, paradise for riders, Blue Ridge Parkway links Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. It slips through the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia and North Carolina giving stimulating experience. Offering the most spectacular vistas at just over 6000 feet, one can enjoy the glimpse of resplendent trees.

Trail of the Dragon

9. Trail of the Dragon:

A route to tickle your soul, Trail of the Dragon is another mesmerizing story for your trip. Filled with many points of excitement, this route is just 11 miles long, but is known for its sharp curves. It is most loved by motorcyclists and sports cars enthuse. It is recommended to drive carefully to avoid mishaps. The lanes of this route are known for famous movies like Two Lane Backdrop and The Fugitive.

Great River Road
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10. Great River Road:

One of the finest roads of America, Great River Road connects South Minnesota and New Orleans. With great views of the Mississippi River, the drive covers 2000 miles. Great River Road, without any doubt, is a sight to behold forever. The verdant landscapes and the sea are a perfect amalgamation to dive into this stunning natural setting. The route inspires everyone to accelerate their car or bike a bit more.

Having these routes in your road trip USA plan is must. From verdant petiole to high altitude, and from swirling turns to lustful beaches, a road trip to USA has everything that one looks for. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride, befriend with the scenic vistas, sing along with the waves, let the wind tickle and soothe your senses, and experience a journey of your fantasy on the dreamy roads of America.

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