When to Go in New York City – 2024 Guide

Want to know when is the right time to visit NYC? Here is a guide of all months, from the coldest to the warmest, brightest to rainy, busiest to cheapest, to choose according to your convenience.


NYC is opulent, fast-paced, large and gregarious. Everyone has their own reasons to be here. It could be your first solo trip or your fifth time ‘I can’t get over NYC’ trip, or it could be a family vacation or going on a honeymoon to an exotic resort; in either case, flying at the perfect time is important. New York is the epicenter of art and architecture, with sprawling galleries, historic monuments, lively nightlife and scrumptious cuisine. Every month has something new and different to offer. While December is lit up with Christmas trees and lightning balls, July and August have summer outdoor activities, and May sees the flowers blooming, trees leafing out and raining showers.

Which is the best time to visit in New York city for a wonderful holiday?

Best Months for Weather-concerned

The weather in NYC can make or break your trip. Here is the month-wise description of temperature and the kind of season you will face, along with things to do:

1. January (4° / -3°): This is the city’s coldest month and most areas are covered with snow. It is an offseason where you will get quieter Broadway, more of ice skating, Jazzfest, and bargained shopping. Also, you need sweatshirts, warm clothes and waterproof boots.

2. February (6° / -2°C)- The cold continues and so does the Broadway Week. People who love fashion are going to spend a long time in New York Fashion Week. The Super Bowl is the highlight of the month.

3. March (11° / 2°C)- It a bit of both- spring and winter. You get to watch the spectacular St. Patrick’s Day, root for your team in bars for March Madness, sip on the local wines at NYC Winter Wine Fest, enjoy with kids at the Night at Museum and watch orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden.

4. April (18° / 7°C)- This is a whole spring but it can be chilly at times, so don’t forget your warm clothes. Get ready to be a part of the important festival Easter, stumble upon celebrities at the Tribeca Film Festival and unwind at outdoors in The Cherry Blossom Festival.

5. May (22° / 12°C)- The month calls for pleasant weather with little sunshine, clear skies, lots of flowers and a good mood. Tourists participate in the huge parade of Memorial Day. Since the streets have got rid of the snow, it’s time for the bikes to take over, where the tour has 32,000 cyclists from around the world who can ride to all five boroughs.

6. June (27° / 18°C)- It’s summer officially! Not too hot and humid, still a mild climate that can give you a score of outdoor activities. The sun beckons you to bathe in its breezy rays, relax on the lawn, set a picnic in the park (NY Philharmonic Concerts in the Parks is amazing). Go for a helicopter ride in the city, savour in the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party and check out Museum Mile Festival.

7. July (29° / 20°C)- While it is an extraordinarily hot month, there are endless activities to do for fun. From Broadway in Bryant Park to the biggest parades and parties on Independence Day on July 4th, the city keeps you awake. Make sure to drink a lot of fluids and wear loose-fitting clothes.

8. August (29° / 20°C)- Time to hit the beach because the heat is oppressive and the crowd is almost gone. The city feels emptier and getting a seat at restaurants or shows is not a deal. Talking about what to do, stroll on the Summer Streets like never before, hop onto many of NYC’s rooftop bars, cheer for US Open Tennis and admire different attractions without interference.

9. September (25 ° / 16°C)- The month is defined by warm days and cool nights, blending together into lovely weather. The New Year fashion Week hit the floors, Feast of San Gennaro is in the queue and the Steuben parade is not to be missed. It is the perfect time for cruising or renting a boat or dining at rooftops or watching the Met Opera.

10. October (18 ° / 10°C)- It is a great month to travel to the city and explore its authentic beauty. There are heaps of activities, top concerts and fun events. There is a huge shopping festival on Columbus Day. Also the Halloween – nobody wants to skip that. Stay warm at night with boots and jackets.

11. November (13° / 6°C)- It can get pretty snowy at this time of pre-Christmas. You will join the biggest of all affairs at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and exciting deals for shoppers on the next day. The leaves fall, snow starts hovering and the sun remains 6 hours a day.

12. December (7° / 0°C)- It is the romantic and peppiest month of all. It is cold that doesn’t hurt but feels like ice on the face. The Christmas tree at Rockefeller, the Christmas markets and Time Square New Year’s eve will pump up the holiday spirit.

Best Months for Sightseeing

New York is a hub of museums, food tours, bridge and architecture. To discover these, the best months are April, May, June, September, October, and early November. The weather is favourable and little showers can be seen in April and May which only makes the tour better. Go ahead, stroll, boat, and capture the famous buildings like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park. Avoid winters as the sun sets faster, around 4.30 pm making it dark sooner.

Best Months for Budget Travellers

Travelling on a tight budget but can’t let go of New York City? We get you. The charm and energy of the city draw millions of visitors and the prices remain steady peak throughout the year. But there are three months that are off-season and experiences a drop in the rates of hotels. And this is during the initial leg of the year after the New Year’s classic party, from January to March. Consequently, there is a lesser crowd in touristy places, sightseeing is laid-back activity and reserving tables in restaurants is easy-peasy.

Best Months for Festivals

Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year are three pompous occasions that fill the city with fireworks, celebrations and thrill. If you are someone who wants to get into the festive mode, lay the hair down, enjoy the parades and lip-smack some out of the world cuisine,  November & December is the time for you. It is also one of the times when the crowd is heaviest, but the enthral of the ambiance is worth watching. The giant balloons and unique parade in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the unbelievable decor at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lightning or the iconic thunderous New Year’s Eve at the  Times Square- these are priceless.

Best Months for Honeymooners

Honeymooning in NYC is like the double-decker cake. You have adventure, excitement, thrill and then also have the happiness of being in the incredible city, Big Apple. Book your NYC tickets for May, June, September, or October as during this period the city boasts beautiful weather and you will not face massive crowds. You can tour places like boardwalk, beach, museum and amusement rides, then visit the Times Square, explore Manhattan and beyond, and set a romantic dinner at restaurants like The Lakeside restaurant. December is also a great month as the ambiance during Christmas is bewitching and romantic. The prices may soar.

Best Months for Broadway Shows

One of the many reasons to step in this Big Apple is to watch mind-blowing theaters. From the last 100 years, several renowned actors and performers have performed and bowed on the Broadway Stage. Being home to experimental theater and amazing talent in entertainment, this is a worldwide hit.  To watch improve comedy, indie cinema, ballet, poetry, burlesque, jazz and so much more, January and February are vacant months, September has newer shows and many shows take a break in August.

This means the tourism explodes in NYC in June-August & November-December and decreases in January-early March. Plan what do you want to see and do in the city and enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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