Few Must See Attractions at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida

As kids, didn’t we all dream of being space explorers and flying into space in a rocket? In modern times, if there is one place to refresh your childhood ambitions amid your busy adult life, it is the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. One of the hidden gems in Florida, The Kennedy Space Center is the perfect place to bring out your inner astronaut. This is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves aeronautics, the engineering and science of NASA’s space programs, or just wants to see giant rockets. Everyone who has an interest in space travel, whether they’re adults or children, will find something to keep them entertained. Even if you’re not, the attraction will leave your jaws dropped. Here’s why Kennedy Space Center is a must-visit for anyone with a US visa.

About Kennedy Space Centre

About Kennedy Space CenterKennedy Space Centre Florida is one of NASA’s ten field sites in the USA. All of NASA’s rocket launches have been happening here since 1968, and it’s a premier launch center. The Space Centre has a few dedicated areas that are open to the public, despite serious space travel projects going on behind the scenes. You will get an up-close look at what goes on behind one of the planet’s biggest space projects as well as learn about aeronautics and space travel. Here you will find the fourth largest structure in the world – the Vehicle Assembly Building – which is located at the very heart of this attraction. It was here where Apollo 11 took its historic flight to the moon. If you have a USA visit visa and have a love for knowledge, then a visit to this attraction will reveal more of such fascinating facts about mankind’s achievement in space travel and the marvels of space itself.

Things to experience at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Strap in for a one-of-a-kind adventure experience at this USA attraction. Here’s what’s in store for you at Kennedy Space Centre.

Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour including Apollo/Saturn V Center

Discover some of the restricted areas of the Kennedy Space Centre on a bus tour. This bus tour provides a glimpse of the USA’s finest spaceport and shows the spot where the USA launched space shuttles to the moon. This tour gives you a chance to see the Apollo/Saturn V Centre and the Vehicle Assembly Building. The entire facility and the passion and effort they put behind their work to understand what’s beyond our planet will leave you in awe after this tour.

Watch a Space Shuttle Launch

Space Shuttle Launch

One of the fun things to do in Orlando is to witness a spectacular rocket launch. At Kennedy Space Centre, you can tick off watching a rocket launch from your bucket list. The only thing to remember is that you will need to book a trip to this amazing place in advance on days when the actual launch process is taking place. Follow its official website for the launch schedule so you can know when to visit.

LEGO® Build to Launch

The Kennedy Space Center offers you a unique attraction with LEGO blocks as part of their LEGO exhibit. Whether you are a kid, a tween, a teenager, or even an adult, the LEGO space team can enlighten you with various space missions and bring together fun and educational experience. There are also some LEGO building opportunities that will allow you to show off your creative side about space travel.

Planet Play

If you are visiting with kids, this is the place where they can have their share of space travel fun. Kids under 12 years of age can discover the world beyond earth and explore various planets, make constellations, or crawl through wormholes at this immersive, interactive recreational play area within Kennedy Space Centre.

ISS Triumph of Technology

ISS Triumph of Technology

Ever wondered how it would feel to float in space? What’s life like for astronauts on the International Space Station? At this attraction, you can get the answers you are looking for as you can see how astronauts on the International Space Station eat, sleep, and function throughout the day as they go about their daily lives.

Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

USA Space Center

Find out what it takes to become a highly decorated astronaut and learn about the history of space travel. Here, you will find inspiration in learning about all the hard work that goes into setting up a space mission, as well as meeting the space heroes who have made history with their contributions to mankind.

Space Shuttle Atlantis® with the Shuttle Launch Experience

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Gear up for an adventure of a lifetime when you buckle up for a space shuttle launch simulation inside Space Shuttle Atlantis. Unless you’re an astronaut, this might be your closest experience to a shuttle launch!

Space Mirror Memorial

With its sleek polished granite mirroring the sky, this attraction looks like it’s straight out of a MARVEL movie. As warriors who contributed to expanding knowledge about space exploration and sacrificed their lives for it, the memorial has the names of all the fallen astronauts engraved in.

Kennedy Space Center – Dining and Shopping

Make sure you leave this attraction full of tasty treats. Famished after all the exciting tours? Dine at one of the many restaurants and cafes for burgers, pizzas, and fresh salads. There is also a cafe where you can design your own food bowl. And lastly, don’t leave empty-handed. In the Space Shop, you’ll be able to find a few amazing souvenirs that you can take home with you so that you can always remember this place.


Located near Cape Canaveral and around an hour’s drive from Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center is located at Space Commerce Way on Merritt Island in Florida. Kennedy Space Center cannot be reached directly by public transportation. Buses and trains can take you here, but a cab or self-driving are the best options. So, it is also a great option to set off on one of the best road trips in USA. When checking the location on a GPS map, make sure you look for Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex and not just Kennedy Space Centre. It is best to visit Kennedy Space Centre on weekdays early in the morning when the crowds are a trickle and you have ample time to explore all the attractions.

Ticket Costs

One Day admission Cost is around USD 75 per adult and USD 35 per child under the age of 11 years. With a daily admission ticket, you get access to Space Shuttle Atlantis® featuring the Shuttle Launch Experience®, The Apollo/ Saturn V Center via a Kennedy Space Center bus tour, Astronaut Encounter, Planet Play, Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, Universe Theater, Space films in the IMAX® theater, Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted and Rocket Garden. The rest of the attractions will attract an additional charge.

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