Effortless US Visa Appointments – Schedule and Reschedule with Confidence

Securing a US visa is a big step towards realising your American aspirations. Making an appointment for a visa interview is the most important stage. The process of scheduling and rescheduling your visa appointment can sometimes seem overwhelming. Applicants from Dubai can reschedule at the US visa appointment Dubai consulate. The National Visa Center (NVC) schedules your interview date. You must remember to attend the interview on this day.

This article will help you navigate the process of scheduling and rescheduling US visa interview appointment with confidence.

Eligibility For Rescheduling An Immigrant Visa Appointment

It is important to ascertain your eligibility before you consider rescheduling your appointment for an immigrant visa. If your initial scheduled interview for an immigrant visa was missed, you are the only person who can reschedule. If you fit any of the following descriptions, you should not move forward with rescheduling the US embassy tourist visa appointment.

  1. Interviews with you have already taken place.
  2. It has been more than a year since you, the major applicant, last communicated with the Consulate.
  3. The current cut-off dates listed in the visa bulletin, which include cases that have been retrogressed or in which the visa class has changed, indicate that your case is not currently being processed.

Documents Required for Rescheduling an Immigrant Visa Appointment

To schedule a US embassy Dubai visa appointment, you must have the following documents available,

  1. A passport that is valid for travel to the US and has a validity date that is at least six months longer than the time you want to stay there (unless agreements particular to the country grant an exemption). All the individuals listed on your passport who want a visa must apply separately.
  2. The payment receipt for your visa application (MRV) charge
  3. The confirmation page of your DS-160
  4. Your email address

Steps To Reschedule Your Immigrant Visa Appointment

If you have understood how to make an appointment for US tourist visa, you will be able to easily reschedule your immigrant visa appointment through the online scheduling system.

Make An Account or Sign In – Make an account on the official website to get started. Click the link to log in if you already have an account from a previous application.

Access The Appointment System – You will be able to access the Dashboard after logging in. On the left side of your screen, select New Application / Schedule Appointment.

Choose the Type of Appointment – Select Reschedule Immigrant Visa Appointment after selecting the Immigrant Visa option. This will direct you to a page where you may choose the category of your visa.

Enter the Required Details – It is essential that you accurately provide all needed data, including your contact details, updated passport number, and full name.

Include Dependents – This stage allows you to add additional travelling applicants as dependents if you have an old Packet 4 Appointment Letter with their list of travel companions.

Delivery Details and Timetable – Choose how you would like the visa to be delivered, and then go ahead and choose your ideal time and day for the interview. Note that slots are added on a rolling basis and that the availability of appointments depends on demand.

Verify and print the appointment – There will be a Printable Version option available once you have set up your appointment. It will be essential to have your printed copy of the US visa appointment confirmation page with you on the day of the rescheduled appointment.

Important Information and Requirements

Remember these important points

  1. Use the Consulate contact page to seek a copy of the appointment letter if you do not have the original.
  2. You might be required to submit a marriage certificate or birth certificate if you are adding a spouse or kids.
  3. Keep in mind that you cannot add children unless allowed by the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) and that married children and those who are 21 years of age or older may not be eligible for derivative status. Before attempting to reschedule, contact the Consulate with any questions regarding CSPA.
  4. Do not make separate appointments if the petitioner in your case is also involved in other cases. Make one appointment and include each candidate’s dependents.
  5. According to the US visa appointment cancellation refund policy, candidates may need to pay the visa fees to reschedule their appointment for the visa interview.

Appointments are locked 48 hours before the scheduled time. If you are unable to attend the interview, cancel or reschedule at least three working days in advance. Do not hesitate to contact the US Embassy resources if you have any questions. Make sure to stay informed on the latest immigration news and updates.


What if I Am Late for my Interview?

A. If you are late for your interview, you might need to reschedule. Contact the embassy or consulate as soon as possible for instructions.

What Happens if I Do not Show Up for My Interview?

A. If you don’t show up for your interview, you will need to reschedule it. Log into your appointment account and choose a new date.

What if I Need to Change my Address on my US Visa Appointment?

A. To change your address, log into your appointment account and update your information or contact the embassy for assistance.

Can I Cancel my Appointment?

A. Yes, you can cancel your appointment by logging into your appointment account and selecting the option to cancel.

How to Schedule a US Immigrant Visa Appointment?

A. The National Visa Center (NVC) will notify you when to schedule your appointment. Follow their instructions and use the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) to book it.

How to Schedule a US Non-Immigrant Visa Appointment?

A. Fill out the DS 160 form, pay the visa fee, and create an account on the embassy’s scheduling system. Then, choose an available date for your appointment.

How to Reschedule a US Visa Appointment Interview? (non-immigrant and immigrant visa)

A. Log into your appointment account on the embassy’s scheduling system, select your current appointment, and choose the option to reschedule. Follow the instructions to pick a new date.

How Many Times Can I Reschedule a US Visa Appointment?

A. It is advisable not to reschedule a US visa appointment more than once. This is because after the first reschedule, you may be required to make a new visa application payment if you want to make further changes to your appointment dates. The Machine Readable Visa (MRV) receipt for the initial payment receipt may become inactive after using it the second time.

Can someone else schedule my visa appointment for me?

A. Yes, someone else can schedule your appointment on your behalf, but they will need your personal information, DS 160 confirmation number, and visa fee receipt.

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