US Visa Appointment Guide – Scheduling and Rescheduling Made Easy

Scheduling an appointment is one of the most significant steps in the US visa application process. For any foreign national applying for a US visa, a visa appointment is required. On the scheduled day for their biometrics and visa interview, applicants must show up in person. Follow the instructions provided by the US embassy in Dubai for your US visa appointment UAE.

Let us understand the US visa appointment Dubai process and How to reschedule the visa appointment.

Who Must Attend an Appointment for a US Visa?

  • If you are applying for a US visa, you are required to attend an appointment at the US consulate.
  • If you meet certain criteria, you may not need to attend the in-person interview.
  • If you are eligible for a waiver of the US visa appointment requirement need not schedule US visa appointment.
  • If you are under 14 years old, over 79 years old, or renewing your US visa, you are exempt from the interview requirement.
  • If you are applying for visa categories such as an E-3, T, U, H-1, or blanket L-1 visa do not qualify for an appointment waiver.
  • If you are applying for US immigrant visas you will be unable to get an appointment waiver.

How can I obtain a waiver of my appointment?

When scheduling an appointment, the VAC will confirm your eligibility for a waiver of the visa interview and inform you accordingly. To apply for an appointment waiver, call the VAC where you are applying or apply online. The VAC will verify whether you are eligible for a US visa interview waiver and inform you if you need to schedule an appointment. You can use the US visa appointment Dubai login to access your account and check your eligibility.

How to Schedule a US Visa Interview Appointment?

You must first complete the DS-160 form to arrange a US visa interview. The application form and other supporting documentation must be submitted for your application to be processed by the US Embassy Visa Application Centre (VAC). The US visa appointment wait times vary based on the kind of US visa you have applied for. It can take several days to several weeks.

How to get a US visa appointment confirmation?

A US visa appointment confirmation page will be sent to you after your appointment has been successfully scheduled. This confirmation is proof of the scheduled appointment. It contains all the information needed for the visa interview process.

What is the Interview appointment letter for a US visa?

The interview appointment letter US visa or the appointment confirmation letter confirms the visa interview details. It contains personal details such as the applicant’s name and passport number along with the date, time, and place of the interview. An appointment verification barcode and guidelines for required documentation and security procedures are also included in the letter. Remember to bring this letter, along with other specified documents at the time of appointment.

Which supporting documentation must you bring to the appointment?

You need to carry the following US visa appointment documentation with you when you schedule appointments.

  1. The passport number and valid passport.
  2. Your receipt number for paying the visa application fee.
  3. The confirmation page for DS-160.
  4. The address of your email.
  5. Documents relevant to the kind of visa you are requesting.

Is it necessary to get a Medical Examination for the US Visa Appointment?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services wants every applicant to complete a medical appointment with a licenced physician in the country where they will be attending the interview. The designated medical professional needs to be a licenced physician recognised by the US embassy in your country. The consulate will not regard your medical check as valid if you finish it with a different physician.

  1. What happens during the examination by a physician?
    The medical examination consists of a review of your past medical records, a chest X-ray, blood tests, and a physical examination that covers your eyes, nose, ears, throat, lungs, heart, belly, skin, lymph nodes, and external genitalia.
  2. Supporting documentation to have with you when you visit the doctor
    Your visa interview letter, identity document, colour passport-sized photos (the quantity varies from two to four, depending on the embassy), and a duplicate of your vaccination history must be brought with you when you see the doctor.
  3. After the examination
    Following the examination, the authorised physician will either send the results directly to the US Embassy or Consulate or give them to the applicant in a sealed envelope. The applicant can then submit the results along with the other documents on the day of the visa interview.

What are the Things to consider before attending the US Visa Interview Appointment?

You must prepare ahead of time for the interview so that you do not feel lost when visiting the embassy. A consular officer will interview you. Avoid bringing food, laptops, backpacks, or large bags to the embassy. Dress in casual or semi-formal clothing.

  1. Arrive early at the consulate
    The first thing you have to remember is that you have to arrive at your interview on time. You may need to stand in queue before a consulate officer interviews you. Even if someone tells you there is a queue at the embassy, it is still preferable to arrive at least ten minutes early.
  2. Verification of fingerprints
    You will pass through a security scanner at the embassy’s entry, which includes a full-body metal detector screening. After that, you will receive an interview token and must proceed to provide your fingerprints. After scanning your fingerprints, the officer will give you further directions.
  3. Attend the interview
    Once your fingerprints have been taken, you will be required to wait for your turn in a lounge area. You will hear your name called. Prepare your paperwork well in advance to avoid confusion when you meet the interviewer.

How to Reschedule a US Visa Appointment?

It is advised that you show up on the appointment day scheduled by you or the NVC. You can reschedule the US visa appointment if you are unable to attend it in person. Check the US visa appointment cancellation refund policy before rescheduling to avoid financial loss.

Rescheduling a non-immigrant visa appointment

To reschedule an appointment for a US non-immigrant visa, you can either call the VAC or change the date and time online. To reschedule US visa appointment Dubai, log in to the visa appointment portal and follow the instructions provided for non-immigrant visa applicants. You can book the next available timeslot that is suitable for you. To ensure that the US Embassy considers your request, you must give a valid explanation for rescheduling your appointment.

Rescheduling an immigrant visa appointment

To reschedule US visa appointment for an immigrant visa, you must contact the NVC and explain your reasons for wanting to reschedule. You must provide your case number or application number and let them know of a time that is convenient for you so they can try to get you that appointment. The NVC will schedule the appointments at the next available timeslot if the one you are requesting is not available.

How to schedule a Biometric appointment for US visa?

To improve border security and track who is entering the nation, the United States mandates that applicants provide biometric information. It might not be necessary for candidates in particular countries to make an appointment to have their fingerprints taken. The biometrics appointment must be scheduled so that the applicants give their biometric information (photograph and fingerprints).

Scheduling a new appointment will prolong the visa process time. It is important to note that residents of Dubai do not need to apply for a US visa for short-term stays if they are eligible under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). They do not need to book US visitor visa interview or US visa appointment.

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