Types of US Visas, Categories – Immigrant and Nonimmigrant 2024

The United States of America is one of the dream destinations irrespective of whether you live permanently or temporarily here. Therefore, a US visa is one of the mandatory documents for traveling to the US. There are two variants in the US Visas issued to foreign nationals. Only the US Consulate or Embassy can issue all types of US visas. However, the Visa does not guarantee the candidate’s entry. On presenting the Visa, a CBP officer inspects your eligibility and determines your entry into the US for all types of visas.

Type of US Visas

USA Immigrant Visas

This visa category is issued to foreign nationals who permanently settle in the US—popularly referred to as the Green card. An employer, relative, or close associate sponsors the candidate in most cases. Other criteria include individuals with extraordinary talent or skills, and investors can key in their application without any support. The candidate needs to present the visas before the visa expiry. After clearance, the candidate can apply for a permanent resident (LPR) or a green card.

Types of US Immigrant Visas

EB-1 EB-2 EB-3 EB-4 EB-5
Extraordinary talent in science/ art/ education/ business/ medicine or athletics with documented evidence of their brilliance, i.e., Nobel Prize Exceptional skill level, background, and in-depth knowledge of science/art/business Skilled & Unskilled workers and professionals with a permanent employment letter from a US-based employer A special category, i.e., Broadcasters, Armed forces, Religious workers, Panama Canal Zone employees, Physicians, US government employees posted abroad, Afghani/Iraqi translators. Non-US investors who can invest 1.8 million dollars or more in a US-based business

USA Non-immigrant Visas

Issued to foreign nationals who intend to visit the US for business, tourism, medical treatment, and other temporary work over a short duration. You can easily book your US visa appointment from Dubai in a few clicks.

US Business visa or US Tourist visa

Individuals who intend to travel to the US temporarily. The application process of both US Business visas and US Tourist visas is the same.

B-1 Visa B-2 Visa
Attending conferences, meetings, events, consulting, short-term training, or negotiating a contract Leisure, tourism, visiting family or friends. Individuals cannot work or study or live permanently.

US Work Visa

There are 11 categories of US Work Visa issued to individuals

  • H-1B Visa – provides services in a specialized occupation that can also include government research, development, dignified merit, co-production projects handled by the Défense department. The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s or Higher Degree or equivalent.
  • H-1B1 Visa – Special category for Singapore citizens for living and working with their partners and kids
  • H-2A Visa – Seasonal and agricultural workers that include both skilled and unskilled. Foreign nationals of countries with limited exceptions are included.
  • H-2B Visa – Seasonal and agricultural workers that include both skilled and unskilled. Foreign nationals of countries with limited exceptions are included.
  • H-3 Visa – Trainees or educational visitors for receiving any form of training that can’t be done in their home country
  • H-4 Visa – Dependent family members of H-1B Visa holders who want to accompany them during their US stay
  • L-1 Visa – Company transfers at branch, parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of the existing employer in an executive capacity or specialized skills.
  • L-2 Visa – dependent family members of L-1 Visa who want to accompany them during their US stay
  • Type O Visa – Extraordinary achievement in arts, science, business, athletics, education supported with national or international acclaim
  • Type P Visa – Artist, Athlete, or Entertainer who perform, coach, mentor, teach a culturally unique program or folk cultural, theatrical, musical, presentation, artistic performance, or traditional ethnic.
  • Type Q Visa – International Cultural Exchange students for their practical training and employment to share the home country’s culture, history, traditions.

US Student Visa

There are three categories in the US Student Visa:

F-1 Visa J-1 Visa M-1 Visa
Elementary, Middle, High School, College, University, or Seminary education. Financial capacity to sponsor the tuition and living expenses and the intention of leaving the US at the end of their academic term. The school/ university/ educational body issued a Validity in their respective I-20 form. Extensions and changes in institutions or programs are possible in this category. Educational exchange program for study, teaching, and research. The aim is to encourage students to build their awareness and educate them about the cultural and educational US programs and share their respective experiences. Professors and researchers are the most common ones. The maximum time for this US student visa is one year from the issue date. Attending vocational training programs or non-academic performances hosted in the US. The maximum time for this US student visa is one year with an extension of three years.

Validity here is also issued by the school/ university/ educational body in their respective I-20 form.

Religious Worker Visa – Also known as the R1 Visa. Religious workers who live or work in the US established religious denomination and is associated in a role that features traditional work of religious denominations, i.e., Priests, Temple workers, Catechists, Rabbis, Ministers, etc. The individuals should have worked with a reputed religious organization or institution before their Visa.

Transit Visa – Also known as the C-Visa. Any individual connecting their travel through the US on their eventual journey to a third country

Ship Crew Visa – Also known as the D-Visa. Crew members work in airlines or aboard sea vessels based in the US.

Domestic Employee Visa – Individuals accompanying their employer to the US fall under the eligibility and application process for US B1 Visa category of the US Tourist visa. This category includes domestic help workers or blue-collar employees like housemaids, cleaners, gardeners, footmen, chauffeurs, nannies, butlers, cooks, au pairs, mother’s helpers, and other personal care workers for the employer or their family.

Journalist and Media Visa – The I Visa. Foreign media individuals in the electronic or print media industry engage in their profession or set up a home office in a foreign country. Categories include journalist, television, or radio jockeys, news anchors, producers, crews, editors, and people of similar professions.

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