Why US Golden Visas Are Trending?

Citizens worldwide are rushing to apply for the new United States of America Golden visa. The demand for a US Golden visa has increased due to the recent legislative reforms that have made the EB-5 Immigrant Investor program easier for families in the region. The program now offers investors greater security and protection and a new feature to file and immediately live and work in the USA. As with other golden visa types, if you wish to get a US EB-5 Visa, you must make a significant investment in the US. This visa is suitable for wealthy internationals with an eye on a Green Card or American citizenship.

Golden visa of USA

USA Golden Visa Requirements

  • You must invest at least $900,000 in a US business.
  • You must invest at least $900,000 in a US business. If you qualify for the EB-5 Visa, you will receive a Green Card that will allow you to live in the United States.
  • You can include members of your family in the application. This means that your children and spouse will also be granted Green Cards.
  • The United States only issues 10,000 EB-5 Investment Visas each year. It also includes the visas that are granted to the family.

How to Apply for an EB-5 Visa

Following the completion of your investment, the following steps must be taken to apply for an EB-5 Visa:

  • You must apply to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) using form I-526, which is primarily an investment visa application form.
  • Arrange an interview at the US Embassy for an US immigrant visa, same as the regular US visa process. The NVC (National Visa Center) will notify you of the location and time of the discussion, as well as the documents you must bring.
  • The US Embassy will issue your immigrant investor visa (the two-year visa).
  • If you are already in the United States, you must file for adjustment of status (Form I-485) with the USCIS rather than the US Embassy.

Documents Required for EB-5 Visa Application

When applying for an EB-5 Visa, you will have to prove to the USCIS that your investment meets their criteria.

  • Documentary proof that you have invested in a for-profit new commercial enterprise founded after 1950.
  • Evidence that you invested, directly or indirectly, which resulted in the creation of approximately ten new full-time jobs.
  • Proof that you plan to retain the new employees for at least two years, as well as proof that you have invested the required minimum.
  • Evidence of your investment money’ lawful acquisition, such as tax returns from your business, yourself, your partnership, or any other source of funding.
  • Your passport, photos the size of your passport, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and medical examination form

How Long Can you stay in the US with an EB-5 Visa?

After receiving a green card through an EB-5 investment, you will be granted conditional residency. It means that your green card will be valid for two years, during which time you will be able to work, live, and study in the United States. If you leave the country for more than a year, your residency status will be cancelled. After two years on a conditional residency green card, you can apply for unconditional/permanent residency, which entitles you to a ten-year green card that you can renew indefinitely.

Golden Visa USA Price

The cost of an actual EB-5 visa application is 3675 dollars for you and any other applicants. In addition to the 900,000 dollars you invest, administrative fees, such as:

  • Fees supporting documents
  • Form DS-260 processing fee
  • Medical examination fees
  • Any payment you make to get legal help during the investment process
  • Any translation fees from a foreign language to English.

How Long Does the EB-5 Visa take to Process?

From the time your application is submitted to the USCIS, it typically takes 13 months to get an EB-5 visa. The actual processing time will vary based on your requirements and circumstances.

Benefits of the EB-5 Visa

Receiving an EB-5 Visa means:

  • You and your family members can live, work, and study in the United States.
  • After a few years, you can apply for American citizenship. This will grant you access to one of the world’s strongest passports.
  • Get a Green Card, which you can renew indefinitely.
  • Travel to and from the United States without obtaining a visa.
  • Travel to other countries where Green Card holders are not required to obtain a visa.
  • You will access American healthcare, which is among the best in the world.

EB-5 Visa Direct Investment

A direct EB-5 investment allows you to start your own business in the United States or buy an existing one. Because the asset is outside a USCIS-approved TEA (Targeted Employment Area), you must spend at least twice as much. You must demonstrate that your investment or company can create at least ten new jobs and that you play an active role in the company.

Recent Changes in the EB-5 visa

EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act 2002 was signed into law by US President Joe Biden on March 15. In places with specific job needs, the US government increased the minimum investment from $500,000 to $800,000.

Depending on where you live, the application procedure could be different. You must go to the US Embassy in the nation where you are staying if you are staying abroad. Due to the significant financial stake, applicants may work with attorneys to assist them in submitting their EB-5 visa applications. The new modifications made possible by the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act (RIA) of 2022 are intended to improve the program’s transparency and security for foreign participants.

EB-5 Visa Investment Options

There are two ways to invest that qualify you for an EB-5 Visa:

  1. Putting a minimum of $800,000 into a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) – Investing in a rural location or an area with high unemployment, through a government-approved program
  2. Directly investing at least $1.05 million outside of a TEA-You can put money into an existing company/business of your choice or start your own company in the US, but you need to ensure it satisfies the requirements set by USCIS.

Regional Centers

The USCIS operates a number of Regional Centers around the nation with the goal of fostering economic development in particular US regions. The list of regional centers authorized to accept EB-5 immigrant investors can be found here. It is your responsibility to demonstrate that, whether through direct or indirect means, your investment in a TEA has produced a minimum of ten jobs. Jobs that result from investments made in commercial enterprises but where the employees work for other businesses are known as indirect jobs. These could be positions in the business’s supply chain. Since most applicants are more concerned with the immigration aspect of their investments than the capital return, the great majority of EB-5 applications are submitted through Regional Centers.

Direct Investment

A direct EB-5 investment entails either starting a new business in the US or buying an already-existing one. In short it is a permanent business visa in USA. You must invest more money—at least twice as much—because it is outside the TEA that has been approved by the USCIS. You also require in demonstrating that your investment/business has directly generated at least 10 new jobs, and you require being directly involved in business.

Can I Reside Anywhere in US with EB-5 Visa?

Yes, you can live & work anywhere within the US should you be granted EB-5 Visa. You are not required in residing in that same state as the state where you invest if you made the investment via a Regional Center. Had you made direct investment, though, you might require being close to the business you had invested in as you will require in demonstrating that you are involved in the company.

Family Members of the EB-5 Visa Holders

The family members who can accompany you in the US if your EB-5 visa application is granted are,
Your Spouse- If you & your spouse were married while initially entering the US as residents /when you convert from the conditional to the permanent status after 2 years, then your spouse is also entitled both for conditional & permanent residency. The Same-sex partners too are eligible. A common-law partner is not eligible.

Your Kid- Any children under the age of 21 may live with you, and they may be granted temporary or permanent residency. This covers stepchildren, adopted children, and children born to you. You need being able to provide proof of the legal parentage. Your married kid does not be eligible for the visa should they be under 21 years old.

Can I Get American Citizenship With an EB-5 Visa?

Obtaining an EB-5 Visa allows naturalization as an American, with a 10-year Green Card and seven-year residency required for citizenship, and fulfilling remaining conditions.

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