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USA Visa Requirements

US Visa Requirements & Documents Checklist

The UAE citizens have to apply for a U.S. visa and appear for an interview at the U.S. Embassy in Dubai. The interview usually takes place in two weeks from the submission and approval of the visa application. Once the interview is cleared, the visa takes another seven working days to arrive. Take a look at the U.S. visa requirements for UAE citizens before applying.
Travelers interested to visit U.S. have to collect relevant documents before appearing for an interview. People who are required to appear in person have to carry the documents with them. These documents have to show that the applicant will return from the United States after the completion of authorized stay, ability to cover all the expenses during their stay in U.S., and ownership in a property, employment status, and a family at the home country.
Applicants under 14 years and above 80 years of age have to submit the documents along with the application package. They just have to include them in the application package for review by the consular officer. Any person filling the form on behalf of the minor and senior citizen can submit the application package.

General Documents essential for all types of visas:

1) Valid and current passport for travel to U.S. with a minimum validity of six months from the last day of the applicant's stay in U.S.
2) DS-160 application form with two recent colored photos of 2" x 2". If there is more than one name on the passport and all are trying to visit U.S., then separate application has to be submitted.
3) Documents supporting residence, employment, and financial status, including a reason for travel.
4) An original payment receipt of visa fee. This will depend if the payment has to be done before the interview.
5) The applicant also has to demonstrate that he or she qualifies for the applied visa and will leave the country at the end of the authorized period. For this employment document, bank account details, property proof, and family ties are required.

Documents required to prove sponsorship:

Applicants who don't have enough funds must prove plausible evidence that someone, that could be a family, public or private agency, or an educational institution, is supporting their stay. They have to present original documents of the person or entity sponsoring the trip. In case the U.S. trip is sponsored by themselves, proof of earnings, which could be from employment, income from property, or interest on saving accounts is required.
Other documents depending on your purpose of visit:
If you are visiting the United States on a package tour, provide a proof of the payment made to the tour operator. If this is your second trip, or you have already visited U.S., be it on business, medical, or tourist visa, provide proof of the air tickets, and the stamps on your passport.

Documents required if you are unmarried:

If you are unmarried, you have to prove that you have a strong tie with the home country, are employed, belong to a well-off family, or studying. You can provide a photograph of your boyfriend or girlfriend to convince the officer that you are not going to the United States for getting married. You can also present your school or college identify card if you are studying. The officer may also want to hear from you about the importance of completing education at home. If you are working with a private company, you have to show employment letter, income tax returns, bank statement of minimum three months, and a salary slip. You also have to convince the officer that you are not planning to leave the company and have a better future with your present employer. If you are serving the Armed Forces or the Government, a letter of sanctioned leave and a no objection certificate letter have to be produced.


  • The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been trying to ease the visa procedures for their citizens planning to visit the United States since 2012. It is also persuading the United States Immigration Authorities to include UAE in the Visa Waiver Program. This will allow the UAE citizens to travel to the United States for a period of 90 days without any need to apply for a visa. Therefore, when applying for a US tourist visa, check with the US Embassy in Dubai if the UAE has been included in the US Visa Waiver Program.